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We are Bridging Worlds

We build bridges between the fragmented parts of ourselves, between the ‘world’ of ‘me’ and the ‘worlds’ of ‘others’, between the masculine and feminine, between inner and outer, between physical and spiritual worlds, between our personal and professional worlds, between rational and mystical, between our courage and vulnerability, with our multiple roles in this dance of being human.

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Shamanic Programmes

Circles of Men and Circles of Women 

Bridging Worlds is an evolution of the offerings created by Aluna and Keef Wesolowscy-Miles as Awakening The Wild.

As a couple we are Awakening The Wild. We produce a wide range of nourishing and healing events and programmes, both online and in-person, including rituals, ceremonies, gatherings in nature, workshops, courses, circles of men and circles of women. Individually we offer 1-1 mentoring and group work and love to share our creative medicine in many mediums.


We believe in the genius of humanity to grow, adapt, heal and create beauty.

We recognise the need for connection, movement, touch, space to breathe, places to create together, to heal together, to sing and dance and laugh together, to sit around the sacred fire together, to reconnect to nature and our own true natures and to tell good stories, life-affirming stories.

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