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Keef Wesolowski-Miles

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Pachapapa mentoring 

I hold space with integrity, passion and humour - grounded in 25 years of personal growth, shamanism, yoga, men's work, Movement Medicine, community facilitation and ceremonial leadership. My soul song comes through Visionary Poetry and Prose.


Movement Medicine and Yoga - 20 years of experience



I work with many medicines, especially Cabana -sweat lodge, Cacao, Rapé, Movement Medicine and Soul Retrieval.



I love exploring creative possibilities for growth, change and healing. I love to inspire passionate purpose and the poetry of presence. I love to support people to shine a light on ‘the path’, personally and professionally; through - intuitive support, creative inspiration, resilience resourcing, fierce compassion, integrity, kindness, deep listening, focus, commitment, encouragement and transparent accountability. 


Common themes are Vision-to-Manifestation, Experience-to-Integration and Shadow-to-Light. This is not psychotherapy, though it may be therapeutic. This is not 'coaching' though coaching may play a part. SHAMANISM is at the core of this offering and the recognition that nature is our true nature, all of life is sacred and is intrinsically interconnected through the web of existence. Humanity, compassion, communication, relationship, humour, ceremony and 'being beside' are guiding principles. Play, prayer, creativity, movement, medicine* (shamanic in its widest possible sense), acceptance, presence and challenge are key tools.


Keef is an exceptionally gifted practitioner. His ability to hold space, even for very deep processes, to intuit and to channel divine flow allow me to really trust and surrender into the process. As a dance therapist myself, I truly appreciate Keef’s rare gift and the results I get from working with him. Our sessions give me the opportunity to explore and express, to reprogram and to move forward refreshed".

Carolin Zeitler, Dance Therapist & Alchemist

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