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Wild Heart

“True masculine power happens when courage, integrity, vulnerability, compassion, awareness, and the capacity to take strong action are all functioning together. Such power is potent but not aggressive, challenging but not shaming, grounded but not rigid, forceful but not pushy. Again, it requires head, heart, and guts in full-blooded alignment.”​

― Robert Augustus Masters 

Photo credit to Darius Bashar @unsplash - image modified by aluna@awakeningthewild



Undoubtedly we are living in intense times. There is so much uncertainty in our world and we are all being invited to dig deep into our resourcefulness and find ways to navigate the unknown landscapes that we are meeting internally and externally, moment to moment and day-to-day.

What changes do we need to make individually and collectively in the way we live our lives? How do we provide for our families? How do we continue developing and offering our work and creativity? How do we stay positive, grounded and focused on self-care and supporting loved ones without denying the psycho-emotional, political, spiritual, practical and financial challenges? How do we find new ways of being together in community? How do we embrace the lives we have, with gratitude for what we do have, and remember that all of life is precious and sacred?  


These circles are designed to engage with all of the above and more. We don’t claim to have all the answers, but we are fully committed to engaging in these conversations and journeying on a voyage of discovery together. Let's gather in a circle to embrace our power and responsibility. NOW is the time to bridge the worlds of our courage and vulnerability. A brotherhood of fierce compassion, loving support, inspiration and accountability. Be welcome.

Our intention is reconnection as a circle of men, a constellation of worlds. We build bridges between the fragmented parts of ourselves, between the ‘world’ of ‘me’ and the ‘worlds’ of other men, between the masculine and feminine worlds,  between inner and outer worlds, physical and spiritual worlds, between our personal and professional worlds and between our courage and vulnerability and between our multiple roles as sons, fathers, brothers, friends, lovers, colleagues.


Circles are held in small groups of six men plus two facilitators. We keep the groups small and intimate, ensuring every man will have time to share, also to receive feedback from other men if he invites it.

This part is structured in a way that we give each man equal opportunity to share his voice and be heard. The wisdom of the circle is paramount.

Circles happen in cycles of 10 weeks. Fortnightly group zoom calls (2.5hrs), ongoing 1-1 ‘buddy’ support and ongoing brotherhood from the whole circle through various channels.

As and when it is possible we will organise gatherings in person, around the fire. ​

We are currently forming several new groups.

Contact us if you feel the call to be a part of this movement. Register your interest to set-up an initial FREE introduction call:



"Keef and Ross of Bridging Worlds have created a beautiful container for growth, trust, accountability and exchange and their commitment to the cause is present in their actions as well as their words in the mission statement. Integrity, courage, compassion and communication are the bedrocks of what the group feeds on to flourish and every man plays his part. I signed up for a year after the first phase and am inspired by the commitment to the embodiment of timeless masculine principles that is interwoven into the fabric of what has been created here. Commitment is given, expected and reflected back in return. Now, perhaps more than ever, this work (and play) feels vital and the support of open-hearted brothers on the path is invaluable as we navigate our place in the ever unfolding dance of life."

- Ed Wood, actor and healer

- Keef Wesolowski Miles




We are living in difficult times where many of us need support, including financial support. If you would love to go deeper into this journey as a man but have financial concerns, please talk to us about your circumstances and we will try to accommodate your needs.

We have a range of payment options that are designed in the spirit of reciprocity, integrity, value and accessibility. Our intention is to keep it accessible, whilst covering our costs and time and ensuring that this movement has solid foundations and is sustainable so that we can reach as many men as possible with this vital offering.

For this purpose we are developing a  ‘PEOPLE FUND’ and your GENEROSITY will help us to support other men, whatever their financial circumstances.


Keef Wesolowski Miles - 1-1 mentoring work: personal - interpersonal - transpersonal

If you are interested in knowing more I am more than happy to jump on an exploratory

call with you. I bring 25 years of experience from multiple modalities.

I work holistically - exploring 'healing', 'wholing', and 'creative empowerment' through the embodiment practices, psychotherapeutic methods, shamanic practice, creativity, meditation, intuitive feedback, fierce compassion and many other dynamic explorations.

We can explore everything from trauma release to visioning and manifesting dreams and objectives in all areas of life.

*This is not psychotherapy, though it may well be therapeutic. 


“Keef is an exceptionally gifted practitioner. His ability to hold space, even for very deep processes, to intuit and to channel divine flow allow me to really trust and surrender into the process. As a therapist myself, I truly appreciate Keef’s rare gift and the results I get from working with him. Our sessions give me the opportunity to explore and express, to reprogram and to move forward refreshed".

Carolin Zeitler, Dance Therapist & Alchemist