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Awakening The Wild

Winter Dreaming Immersion

January 19th - 22nd 2023,
near Brecon, Wales

Movement Medicine

9 hour Dream Dance Ceremony & Medicine of Cacao

Shamanic Dynamics  

Cabana -Sweat Lodge

Herbal Bath

Medicine Song Circles 

Creative Self Reflection

Wild Imaginal Journeys: Nature Nurture

Enchanted Plants. Animal Power. Essential Elements



Timings - Thursday 12.00, latest arrival time by prior arrangement, to Sunday 3pm.

with possibility to hang out for longer or to stay additional night


This is a unique opportunity to dive deep into community and experience the medicine of nature-based spirituality with fine company, friends and family. Over 4 days in the heart of winter we will explore the shamanic circles, cycles and spirals of ‘soul-centricity' and discover ways in which the ego can be a delivery system for soulful living. We will spend deep imaginal time together in community and dream life affirming visions into being through creative dances with the Dark Muse Beloved - the powerfully intuitive and feminine aspect of our psyches that is the archetypal guide or guardian of our dreams on the edges of life, death and rebirth. 


The ground will be Belonging, Respect and Encouragement.

The intention will be Revelation, Resolution and Resurrection.

The medicine will be Movement, Shamanism and Community.


This will be a profoundly nourishing immersion into nature, nurture and ultimately our own true natures. It will invite a maturing evolution, a love revolution, in which we gather the tools and resources to embrace our wholeness and retrieve and alchemise our golden gifts that are hidden in the shadows and the wounded parts of our life stories.


We understand that Acceptance, Intention, Gratitude, Forgiveness and Celebration are Golden Keys to a Love rEVOLUTION and that Patience, Resilience, Presence, Humility, Discernment and Discipline are required to harness our innate power and creativity as blessings and gifts to ourselves, each other, our communities, ancestors/ descendents and all of life.

NATURE LOCATION:  We will have many weather dependent opportunities for immersing into nature and for nurturing our own true nature. The landscape of the estate on which The Barn at Brynich is located is absolutely stunning, with tree lined rivers, rolling hills and breath taking views of the Brecon Beacons. We will endeavour to  explore as many dynamics as possible out on the land, especially the Cabana Ceremony in the woods by the river. The rooms we will gather in for dynamics are beautiful, warm and nourishing.  So we will move between the exquisite wildness of the outdoors and the cosy warmth at the hearth of the Barn and Cottages. Of course if the weather is particularly intense, we will spend more time inside by the fire.  We will dip into a deep medicine bag of shamanic rituals and tools, including Cabana/Sweatlodge, mini vision quests, nature based explorations and meditations, commune with the medicinal plant spirits of Rapé, Sananga, Cacao and immerse in the spectacular nature of the Brecon Beacons - lakes, mountains, rivers, waterfalls and ancient woodlands are on the doorstep.

MOVEMENT MEDICINE 'is shamanic medicine for our times. It gives us direct, embodied experience of the dance of life that’s going on inside us and all around us. As a species, we face enormous challenges right now that we see as arising from the story of separation; separation between body and spirit, between individuals and nations, between the human world and the web of life we are part of and depend upon. Simply put, Movement Medicine reconnects us, deepening our capacity for empathy and compassionate being and action. Since prehistory, dance, song and ritual-making have played an important role in the human community. Movement Medicine is a contemporary expression of this inheritance. It marries ancient and modern wisdom, and supports you to experience the transformative power of your own potential in co-creative community.' Susannah and Ya'acov Darling Kahn (Co-Founders of The School of Movement Medicine)



A significant part of our time together will preparation for, co-creation of, and integration of a 9 Hour Movement Medicine Dream Dance Ceremony in our stunning and spacious converted barn space, with under floor heating and a open fire.

CABANA: Purification Lodge is a sacred place where we clean our bodies, emotional, spiritual, mental, physical and release anything that is ready to be released that is no longer serving us. It is a place for  dreaming new visions and re-programming ourselves, reclaiming original imprints of ourselves, blessing and healing hearts, bodies and minds. This is an ancient ritual that  taps into the  ancestral wisdom of our grandparents, the human ones and the elements: fire, earth, water, air. We enter the womb of the Great Mother to be re-born again. In that sense it is both womb and tomb, and symbolises the cycles of life, death and rebirth. Cabana is also referred to as Grandmother Spider, who weaves the threads of our destiny. She is very generous for those who are open to receive and go through the portal.


Aluna and Keef are both initiates of the Brazilian shaman and psychologist XamAM - Alba Maria  from Terra Mirim, Brazil. The cabana is therefore deeply aligned with this lineage and is part of the path of the Mother Goddess and the 4 Elements.

Meet Facilitators


Keef Wesolowski Miles

organiser & facilitator

I bring 25 years experience of multiple modalities to support emergent soul-centric maturity and full spectrum engagement with life. I bring my ongoing adventure as an evolving human being and student of life, wife and daughter. I provide intuitive support, creative inspiration, resilience resourcing, fierce-compassion, humour, integrity, kindness and commitment. I encourage people to shine their light on their ‘path’, personally and professionally, and to facilitate deepening awareness, responsibility and choice-fulness about the narrative lenses through which we perceive and engage with our lives, our relationships and the beautiful planet we live on.

Shamanism is at the core of this offering and the recognition that nature is our true nature and all life is precious and sacred. Contemporary scientific awareness, ancient indigenous wisdom and the dance of the cosmic joker - who knows he doesn’t know - are the three pillars of my approach.

I have been teaching as a fully qualified Movement Medicine teacher for over a decade and I am an initiate on the path of the Mother Goddess as guided by shaman XamAM Alba Maria - TerraMirim, Bahia, Brazil. I am also a multi-qualified Yoga teacher.


I offer Golden Soul Mentoring for men, women and couples, Golden Soul Journeys for men in nature, Sharing Circles for men, mixed group Awakening the Wild offerings with my wife Aluna. 


My soul song manifests through poetry and prose as ‘Pachapapa’.


Aluna Wesolowska Miles

organiser & facilitator

I am a women, wife and mother of one, daughter, sister , friend, a devotee to Mother Earth and self-knowledge.

I am on a quest of learning about myself and how to be a healthier, wiser, mature women day by day, serving my purpose, fulfilling my soul and to walk my path on this Earth gracefully, being the best version of myself and being my best for all my relations. It has been a dance and so it continues. 

Guided by my deep love for the Earth I offer myself in service with devotion, love, respect and gratitude for my life and all of life.

I have been studying and practicing many ancient and contemporary healing arts and philosophies and been blessed to encounter many great teachers and healers.

Yet, the core of my life and work is shamanism in the linage of The Great Mother and The 4 Elements, Terra Mirim, Brazil, where Nature is our ultimate and greatest master. 

As a shamanic therapist and ceremonial space holder I offer the medicine of cabana - sweat lodges, bodywork - integrated Lomi Lomi and Intuitive massages, medicine of cacao, herbs and the four elements.

Together with my husband Keef we co-create Awakening The Wild offerings for mixed groups and work on relationships with couples.

As a Daughter of the Moon, initiated by XamAM Alba Maria, -Terra Mirim, Brazil I dive deeply into the landscapes of the feminine. The central part of the work is purifying and blessing our womb spaces, portals of life and our energetical centres of our bodies: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual; re-connecting ourselves with our sacred blood and our own natural cycles, by deepening our understanding and relationship with the cycles of nature, the Moon and the Earth. With devotion and reverence to the Mother Goddess, studying and relating to her multiple faces we get closer to our deep feminine nature and see ourselves more fully.

I offer a space, guidance and support for women who wish to discover creative ways to explore their relationship with the feminine, to heal their wombs spaces, purify bodies, reclaim the original imprints and touch their essence, take place in this life on Earth manifesting the souls' dreams and purposes.

This offering includes -  cabana purification lodge medicine, sacred herbs, yoni steaming, nature based dynamics, movement, voice and instruments, creative art, self reflection and journaling, blood rituals, rites of passages - groups and one to one guidance; sharing circles, retreats and rituals for women.


I see all of life as sacred and together we remember our sacred belonging to our Mother Earth and our part to play in the reverence of all of life and for all our relations.

I welcome a deeper relationship with life, with nature and our own true nature: to awaken the wild landscapes that live within, together we help each other to remember. I support and celebrate the movement of sisterhood and welcome a deeper connection with other women, whilst co-creating a safe and sacred space where we can call ourselves and one another home.

image_6483441 - 2022-11-19T134334.158.JPG

Yemaya Emily Rodriguez 

special guest

The name Yemaya represents a Mother Goddess, a Goddess of home, love and fertility in Yoruba Mythology.

My lineages of Yoruba, Taino and German are woven in to the fabric of my being as I move through my life as a Mother of four and a steward of love and kindness, here in Wales, UK.

I am a ceremonialist at heart. I believe that all of life is a ceremony, which has a beginning, a middle and an end, and many large and small thresholds peppered in between that must be acknowledged and celebrated, for us to fully benefit from completing each stage while standing fully in our power.

While it may look like I have a few roles, to me they are all sides of one, a Healer. I channel healing through my hands and my voice and that is what underpins all that I offer- whether that is in my roles of Doula, or in my work as a Medicine Woman or as a Ceremonialist- even as an Occupational Therapist. 

It is my joy and great privilege to walk along side people of all ages, facing all of the transitions and rites of passage innate to our human experience.

My connection to my own innate remembering sees that I flow with the seasons and use earth based and spirit attuned guidance and creativity to support my work in all ways. I hold that magic, collectively with 20 years of experience working closely with people and their families, supporting them within the different roles I have held; a Mother, a Carer, a Nurse, an Occupational Therapist, a Full Spectrum (birth and death) Doula and a Ceremonialist.

My love for ritual and ceremony, earth based reverence and alternative healing are my own. I feel called to say that I hold no intention of pushing my preferences on to you. I will always be guided by you and I warmly welcome clients of every background, religion, ethnicity, ability, identity and sexuality.



Ross Walton

special guest

I am a Shamanic Energy Healer who walks between spiritual and corporate worlds. In my business capacity I consult for multi-national organisations to enable business transformation, encompassing technology, work place and employee wellbeing.

I have twenty years of experience studying Thai and Tibetan Buddhist meditation practices, Advaita Vendanta, lucid dreaming and ancient healing practices from Shamanic lineages. I am a Shamanic Practitioner for nearly a decade and a certified Shamanic Energy Healer.

I offer energy healing, space clearing, meditation and mindfulness coaching and personal mentoring.


I am passionate about working with other men, bringing Indigenous Song Circles, co-facilitating Bridging Worlds Sharing Circles for Men, embodied practices from Chinese and Japanese martial arts to increase sensitivity, confidence, strength and brotherhood.

I am passionate about self-discovery, helping others heal, grow & live their best lives.




Following receipt of your 'booking confirmation' you will receive a separate email from Keef with the following material. It is essential that you respond within 5 days of receiving this email.


  • A welcome letter.

  • A disclaimer statement, T&C and health questionnaire to sign

  • A basic ‘experience’ questionnaire

  • Bridging Worlds ‘culture’ docs

  • An invitation to book your 30min preparation call and 45min integration call with Keef

  • A list of accommodation options

  • A preparation enquiry and suggested preparation reading and practices

  • Full ‘to bring list’

In the unlikely event that the disclaimer, health questionnaire or preparation call leads us to realise in conversation with you that this is not an appropriate time for you to participate, you will be offered a choice of either a full refund or an alternative programme, such as 1-1 mentoring.



We accept cancellations by January 1st 2023 and offer 50% of refund. After this date we can not offer a refund.


Early bird: £345 - until 21/12/22;

Standard: £395 - price on the tin 

Gifting: £445 - a great way to pay it forward and support the wider community. By paying the higher price, you will be supporting those who are otherwise not able to participate due to financial constraints.

Scholarship:  is by application and is funded by the generosity of those souls who feel grateful for their abundance and are willing and able to offer support.  The 'scholarships' are not a 'free ticket', but rather a hand on the shoulders of one another as we each take our next steps on the path of integrity, power and responsibility. The baseline is commitment and communication.

If you want to discuss payment plans, please do not hesitate.
More information and booking: 

IMPORTANTCost includes:

- a 30 min preparation consultation, via zoom,  before the event
and a 45 min integration session, via zoom 1-1 session, we work with the ‘arc of integrity’: preparation - process - integration in order to maximise the safety and efficacy of our journeys.

 - participation in the whole programme of  Long Weekend Immersion 

 - delicious and nutritious food prepared by our soul food alchemist Laurie French -organic, vegetarian/vegan, additional requests by enquiry, 3 meals a day starting on Thursday with dinner and finishing on Sunday with lunch. Tea/ coffee /herbal drinks available.


The Brynich Farm Cottages are set in a stunning rural location in the heart of the Brecon Beacons National Park.

'Our 17th century listed buildings have been tastefully converted to provide a great place to stay.  We have retained many of the original rustic features of the buildings – the oak beams and interior whitewashed stone work gives the cottages a cosy traditional feel, while offering high standards and all the modern conveniences you’ll need for a comfortable stay.'

We have booked two private cottages which can accommodate  16+ guests.  There is a choice of shared doubled/triple rooms (shared bathroom) or master bedrooms (en-suites) ideal for couples. 


The extensive shared garden gives you plenty of space to spread out and enjoy breath taking views of the Brecon Beacons


Accommodation options:

Subject to availability. Please book separately by emailing


Shared Rooms

£150 for 3 nights (+ £50 option for Sunday Night)



- bathroom on suite - 

Preference given to COUPLES 

£300 for 3 nights (+ £100 option for Sunday Night)

Alternative accommodation possible.


For booking and information 

please contact

Payment for accommodation via bank transfer . Ask for details


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