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Awakening The Wild

Winter Dreaming Immersion

January 19th - 21th 2023,
Brecon Beacons, Wales

Movement Medicine,

S.E.E.R Process -Soul Retrieval,

Cabana -Sweat Lodge,

Dynamic Meditations,

Wild Heart Sharing Circles,

Wild Mind Deep Imaginal Journeys,

Wild Nature Immersions,

Wild Swimming,

Sacred Plants: Rapé, Sananga, Cacao

Energy Healings,

Atma Vichara Self-Enquiry Meditations, 

Martial Art Inspired Embodiment Practice,

Indigenous Song Circle



Timings - Friday Morning, latest arrival time by prior arrangement , to Sunday 6pm.

Cost: £295 

IMPORTANT - cost includes a 30 min preparation consultation, via zoom,  before the event
and a 45 min integration session, via zoom, with Keef.

We work with the ‘arc of integrity’: preparation - process - integration in order to maximise the safety and efficacy of our journeys.

If you want to discuss payment plans, please do not hesitate.
More information and booking: 



As Sons of the Sun we invoke the power and dignity of the Sun.

We are ‘magnificent happenings’, shining our light for the love of life. We choose to align ourselves, moment to moment, day to day, year to year - as body-heart-minds rooted in soul, with branches held high and wide to receive the blessings of spirit. We choose to embrace and bridge all aspects of our complexity: shadow and light, courage and vulnerability, rational and intuitive, knowing and not knowing. We choose to ask for support where we need it in order to nourish our own beings and find the

resourcing required to live a life of integrity that serves to support and inspire our friends, families, communities and all of life.


As a circle of sons, brothers, fathers we choose to shine the light of our wisdom and presence with loving kindness and fierce compassion, with the intention of being by one anothers sides as we each walk our own path with dignity, integrity and authentic expression. Ultimately we see all of life as sacred and we choose to make choices in our thoughts, words and actions that honour children, our elders, our ancestors and all of life.


Let’s dive deep into embodied brotherhood. Let’s gather together around the sacred fire, rooted in soul and inspired by the wild elemental beauty of The Brecon Beacons in South Wales. Let’s commune with the medicines of movement, collaboration, ceremony and sharing.

Golden Soul T.R.E.E - Trance, Retrieval, Emergent Evolution and Expression

Through powerful embodiment practices and shamanic processes we will explore the stories from our past that impact our life in the present and start to discern which narratives are ready to be rewritten, released, retrieved or seeded for future dreams.


Inspired by the ‘S.E.E.R’ and ‘Phoenix’ processes of Movement Medicine and various shamanic practices from the Bird Tribe teachings of XamAM Alba Maria (Bahia, Brazil), Golden Soul T.R.E.E is an ‘Awakening the Wild’ synergy that opens portals of possibility for deepening presence, power and actualisation of latent potentials.


Bridging Worlds Circles

Through heart centred sharing and embodied listening we will build bridges between the fragmented parts of ourselves, between the ‘world’ of ‘me’ and the ‘worlds’ of other men, between the masculine world and feminine world, between the rational and the mystical, between inner and outer worlds, physical and spiritual worlds, between our personal and professional worlds and between our courage and vulnerability.

Movement Medicine + Awakening The Wild Dancer

This is the path of ‘The Elemental Heart Warrior’: through a synthesis of embodiment practices we invoke and incarnate Trust, Patience, Resilience, Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Presence, Devotion, Discernment, Joy, Compassion, Hope, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Reciprocity, Emergent-Being, Soul-centric Expression, Laughter, Connection and Celebration.

Shamanic Dynamics and Ceremonies

We will dip into a deep medicine bag of shamanic rituals and tools, including Silverbirch Sweats (Cabana/Sweatlodge), mini-vision quests, nature based explorations and meditations, commune with the medicinal plant spirits of Rapé, Sananga, Cacao and immerse in the spectacular nature of the Brecon Beacons - lakes, mountains, rivers, waterfalls and ancient woodlands are on a door step.


We see all of life as sacred and we strive to make choices in our thoughts, words and actions that honour our children, our elders, our ancestors and all of life.

Meet Facilitators


Keef Wesolowski Miles

organiser & facilitator

I bring 25 years experience of multiple modalities to support emergent soul-centric maturity and full spectrum engagement with life. I bring my ongoing adventure as an evolving human being and student of life, wife and daughter. I provide intuitive support, creative inspiration, resilience resourcing, fierce-compassion, humour, integrity, kindness and commitment. I encourage people to shine their light on their ‘path’, personally and professionally, and to facilitate deepening awareness, responsibility and choice-fulness about the narrative lenses through which we perceive and engage with our lives, our relationships and the beautiful planet we live on.

Shamanism is at the core of this offering and the recognition that nature is our true nature and all life is precious and sacred. Contemporary scientific awareness, ancient indigenous wisdom and the dance of the cosmic joker - who knows he doesn’t know - are the three pillars of my approach.

I have been teaching as a fully qualified Movement Medicine teacher for over a decade and I am an initiate on the path of the Mother Goddess as guided by shaman XamAM Alba Maria - TerraMirim, Bahia, Brazil. I am also a multi-qualified Yoga teacher.


I offer Golden Soul Mentoring for men, women and couples, Golden Soul Journeys for men in nature, Bridging Worlds Circles for men (online), mixed group Awakening the Wild offerings with my wife Aluna. My soul song manifests through poetry and prose as ‘Pachapapa’.


Ross Walton

special guest

I am a Shamanic Energy Healer who walks between spiritual and corporate worlds. In my business capacity I consult for multi-national organisations to enable business transformation, encompassing technology, work place and employee wellbeing.

I have twenty years of experience studying Thai and Tibetan Buddhist meditation practices, Advaita Vendanta, lucid dreaming and ancient healing practices from Shamanic lineages. I am a Shamanic Practitioner for nearly a decade and a certified Shamanic Energy Healer.

I offer energy healing, space clearing, meditation and mindfulness coaching and personal mentoring.


I am passionate about working with other men, bringing Indigenous Song Circles, co-facilitating Bridging Worlds Sharing Circles for Men, embodied practices from Chinese and Japanese martial arts to increase sensitivity, confidence, strength and brotherhood.

I am passionate about self-discovery, helping others heal, grow & live their best lives.




Following receipt of your 'booking confirmation' you will receive a separate email from Keef with the following material. It is essential that you respond within 5 days of receiving this email.


  • A welcome letter.

  • A disclaimer statement, T&C and health questionnaire to sign

  • A basic ‘experience’ questionnaire

  • Bridging Worlds ‘culture’ docs

  • An invitation to book your 30min preparation call and 45min integration call with Keef

  • Bridging Worlds Circles of Men  ‘culture’ and confidentiality docs

  • A list of accommodation options

  • A preparation enquiry and suggested preparation reading and practices

  • Full ‘to bring list’

In the unlikely event that the disclaimer, health questionnaire or preparation call leads us to realise in conversation with you that this is not an appropriate time for you to participate, you will be offered a choice of either a full refund or an alternative programme, such as 1-1 mentoring.



We accept cancellations by August 31th and offer 50% of refund. After this date we can not offer a refund.

Price does not include travel costs, accommodation, additional food and drinks outside of 2 Brunches and 3 Evening meals, fruits and dry snacks (all food vegetarian/vegan).



All of us will stay together on a wonderful site, where other dynamic will take place.


Price includes  2 nights, exclusive use of hot tubs, fire pits, log burners, hot showers, proper toilets, fully equipped kitchen, use of the the whole site including woodlands and wild swimming. We have to book the whole of the site with the safari glamp tents from Friday to Monday. So you are very welcome to stay until Monday. The journey itself will conclude Sunday evening. So this will give those who choose to stay some great down time to hangout and bathe in the glow of our time together and use the additional day to explore terrific surroundings. We heartily recommend the everyone takes advantage of this integration time. Of course those that need to leave Sunday night can do so.


3 Available - OWN ROOM DOUBLE BED. 2 nights - £120, Extra night £60


6 available

SINGLE BEDS (Shared Twin Room) 2 nights - £100, Extra night £50


9 available 

Living room floor next to the log burner ( Shared Triple Room) - 2 nights - £70, Extra night £35

Payment for accommodation via bank transfer . Ask for details



"Over the weekend we danced, screamed, cried, shared, meditated, hugged, and laughed together as brothers. It’s a level of authentic connection that can’t adequately be described - it has to be experienced. What I love about this work is that it doesn’t bypass the dark and sticky. In fact, we’re actively encouraged to dive deep into ourselves, and practise fierce compassion, where we offer our own authentic reflections back to the other brothers. We might not always like what we see, but the more loving reflections we receive, the clearer we can see ourselves. I’ve found that the more I courageously explore my shadow, the greater capacity I have for the light - the peace, compassion, and joy. Indeed, wholeness requires both a diving down and a reaching up: we need deep roots for our branches to soar to the highest heights.


It’s also very embodied work. The mind is a wonderful thing, but we also hold so much information in the body. I’m always amazed at what bubbles up when I drop down into my body, move, and listen.

And it’s so powerful to witness others and be witnessed oneself. We can hold so much guilt, shame, and doubt. So when I share something and the other brothers don’t recoil or look away, it becomes corrective. When they see me, and raise their hands to say “me as well”, I feel less alone. Similarly, when I hear the sharings of others, I see myself in every single one of them.


 It’s been utterly heartwarming and reaffirming to connect with other men who are trying their very best to be the best men, partners, and fathers they can be. Men who are showing up in service of themselves and everyone around them.


Liam Farquhar 

"Yowww! This was my very first experience of a weekend such as this, and it was spectacular! Deeply profound, provocative and powerful. I accessed parts of my being that I’ve been unable to touch in the last 30 years of conventional talking therapy. Keef was an exceptional facilitator, and the space that he created and held, felt both extremely safe and sacred at all times, enabling me to open up and welcome in whatever feelings, both physical and emotional, arose in me. This feels like deeply important, life-changing work and I will return again. Step up brothers!"



“Keef led our men’s retreat and sweat lodge cabana in a way that all men would benefit from; it was sincere in that your pain was heard and recognised, but fun and light hearted at the same time so no one felt drowned in discomfort. The medecine from the cabana was all the more powerful as he’d helped us all open up through movement medecine and sharing circles. There was a lot of love shared, & so much care and attention that had gone into planning the weekend - and I left feeling full to the brim.

Being in nature with men is a life affirming process when you all share in your common joys and pains. Life is wondrous, and I felt it all the more strongly during that weekend. Highly recommended to anyone who needs a boost through the hard times. We’re brothers in arms and we’re here to support each other.”

Jeremy Agnew

"Keef created and held a space where a group of men could connect with each other through our hearts. It was an honour to be part of a workshop where everyone - us men of all ages and stories - radiated through our joint commitment to care for each other and remain open to potentially profound change. Several weeks later, I still feel a deep sense of calm and greater clarity of purpose thanks to feeling seen and held in the group. The beauty of experiencing men all consciously travelling the harder paths will always stay with me."
Richard Sparham

"The weekend spent down in South Wales was a reminder for me to be myself and to be honest with myself and what my needs are.


I went into the weekend with some scepticism, only a small amount but some scepticism non the less, about what might appear for me or how such practices such as dance, sweat lodges and share circles could produce such powerful and somewhat life-changing effects. Yes I have danced before, yes I have shared things with people and yes I have been in a sauna but this was different, this was done in a way far beyond what it looked like on paper or what words could describe it to be (my words at least). I can truly say that my sceptic mind albeit small was put to rest after the first day. 


 The space that was given to all the men by Keef was nothing short of perfect. It allowed me to express myself in a totally safe and warm environment and learn more about myself through the movement of dance but also through talking and sharing with the other men and listening to their stories. For me being part of a weekend where men can let go of their egos, be open to total strangers and be vulnerable was a special and profoundly moving experience. I am already taking what I have learned in myself and witnessed in other men that weekend into my day-to-day life and have felt the growth around me, not only in myself but in the people, my friends and family who I interact with. The experience has allowed me to become more open and thus allowing people around me to do the same."
Tom Butel

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