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Christopher Gladwell

Christopher is an author of over fourteen books, all rooted in traditional yogic meditative depth and focusing on contemporary yogic psychology. He was a country boy and grew up in nature, he was turned onto ecology by his father and was reading university-level books on fungi, plants and wildlife at the age of eleven, whilst exploring them in the lands where he grew up. Exploring depth yogic practice for four decades and shamanic practice for two decades, he recognises the two as having the same roots in natural wisdom.

Christopher has worked in the field of personal transformation for forty years, having worked with thousands of individuals, enabling them to resolve old wounds, step up and find their place in the world and wake up to the seamless and integral flow that this life is when we both transcend and include the selfing mechanisms of our psychology.

Christopher is trained in various psychotherapeutic modalities (some to trainer level) including clinical hypnotherapy, NLP, body-based psychotherapy, mindfulness and also compassion focused therapy.

He is also trained in a range of body-based modalities including shiatsu, Thai massage and structural integration.

His breathwork training began with athletics, moved through martial arts including chi kung and tai chi and reached new depths with the Indian yogic techniques of Vedic pranayama. He has also trained in Conscious Connected breathing to trainer level with Kayana and is also a Master Instructor (one of eleven globally) with Breatheology. Conscious Breathwork has been a daily practice for him for these past forty years.

Christopher's meditation training began with Vedic meditative practices and he has explored Theravadan Buddhist techniques (from which Mindfulness arises), Taoist techniques from China, and Vajrayana Tibetan practices. He has received formal initiation into many of these schools of practices including that of Dzogchen. Meditation is woven into and through Christopher’s life.

His background in biological sciences informs his teaching and gives a physiological and neuro-scientific base to what he shares.

Christopher's early years of teaching meditation and yogic practice where with people with profound disability and people working with mental ill-health.

After this, he taught for many years in community settings often working with single mums and those in need. He even set up creches so people could learn the practices that made their lives better.

He has worked with hundreds of individuals coaching them and teaching them practices to turn stress into resilience and assist these people to understand and experience the sustainable peak performance that can arise through the application of the practices that he shares.

He has worked in the world of trauma, leading sessions for people with complex trauma to readdress, integrate, release and move through old traumatic patterns and limitations. He has also helped an NGO to set up a programme to train trainers in facilitating freedom from trauma in their client group of humans that have been subjected to trafficking and abuse.

Christopher was also the founder of a community interest company yoga studio in Bristol, the UK which he ran for over ten years.

More recently Christopher has started an online community using these breath, mind and body-based practices to achieve optimal states in their life and to more fully live from this base of empowerment.

Christopher has also worked within the corporate world to coach and enable individuals and teams to find greater effectiveness through enabling each individual to look into, reflect and reassess their own internal communicative patterns and then how we can collectively facilitate good teamwork with others from this deeper root of awareness and flow.

What will you get from working with him?

-You will get theoretical, practical and experiential knowledge of how to start and sustain the journey into depth awareness.
-You will get theoretical, practical and experiential knowledge of how to be in flow, sustain flow and live as flow.
-You will get theoretical, practical and experiential knowledge of how your mind works to create drama and suffering or to be your best ally in making this world a better place for you and all beings.
-You will get theoretical, practical and experiential knowledge of how to find resilient joy, inner peace and centre as a default base from which to live your life and operate in the world.
-You will get theoretical, practical and experiential knowledge of how to turn stress into resilience. Stress is implicated in almost all modern diseases, cardiovascular, oncological (cancers), arthritic, mental ill-health such as anxiety and depression, gastrointestinal disorders, susceptibility to corona and other viruses and so much more.
-You will begin the journey of creating and sustaining teams that work effectively, honouring of difference and diversity, whilst utilising strengths and facilitating development for all team members through clear communication strategies and clear understandings of the essential nature of what it is to be human.
His work is deeply informative, liberating and fun.

Christopher is experienced in online delivery of coaching sessions and developmental programs and has several online trainings available on his website. He also makes bespoke courses for organisations with specific needs or requirements.


Compassion Course
Immersion course
The Art of Resilience
Yoga and meditation
One to One coaching


Deep practice, study and living the vision of non-dual yoga and tantra in its manifold facets (physical practice-asana, bodywork, breathwork and pranayama, meditation and mindfulness, vibration and mantra, devotion and bhakti for nearly 40 years. I was initiated into the Vedic Dasnami Sanyass, have worked for 15 years with Shamanic teachers, and was an apprentice in a Vajrayana lineage.
I have received initiation into core practices of deep mantra, meditation and teachings that have inspired and directed my life.

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