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Kaya Tamara Sertic

I work as an integrative body-oriented psychotherapist and Movement Medicine teacher Zagreb, Croatia.
I am one of the four founders of Center Meleta, center for integrative body oriented psychotherapy and well-being.
I have been working individually and in groups with adults and adolescents for many years and has been practicing body-oriented psychotherapy for over a decade.
As this type of therapy is based on the process work and presence of the soul in the body, training in Movement Medicine was another step on my journey of supporting the embodiment of the soul. These two practices are continuously enriching both myself and my offerings and creating a safe, rich and creative field for my students. I am continuously amazed with how the Spirit manifests through the wiring of our personalities.
I also teach Movement Medicine regularly- as monthly classes, weekend workshops and ceremonies in Croatia and online.


Body-oriented psychotherapy
Movement Medicine
Shamanic journeys and ceremonies


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