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Laor Oman - Naharin

Laor has been researching the powers of the human voice for over 15 years. She leads sacred circles, concerts and ceremonial concerts worldwide. Her abilities and skills culminate in her unique, magical VoicEssence Vocal-breath journey workshops.

Laor’s songs such as Agradeco, Barechu, Ana Elech, Hymn to the Soul and others are known and sung with love in many circles around the globe.

Gathering with Laor is a unique, awakening, inspiring and one of a kind experience that touches the depth of our souls and being; Laor has a one of a kind quality to make people feel at home, safe and to dive deep into their souls and heal their lives and hearts.

Laor’s passion is inspiring people to sing, pray, breath and love like never before!


Medicine Music
VoicEssence workshops


Musician, medicine woman, vocal artist and lover of life.

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