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Women's Circles

The Voice of your Womb

“How precious small women's groups are at this time when we are just beginning to trust the truth of our existence. ”

― Sherry Ruth Anderson and Patricia Hopkins



Do you hear the call to bathe yourself in a deep ocean of your women's  body, heart and mind in a nourishing, authentic, connective, expressive way, side by side with your sisters, mirroring our souls in each others’ eyes?  

Would you like to sit in a circle with other women being held by our beautiful Mama Earth and witnessed by the Sacred Fire, Moon and Stars, where you can be seen, heard and celebrated just as you are?

Would you like to connect with your womb space, hear her song and let it be expressed?

*whether you have your physical womb or not 


Our Intention is reconnection as a circle of women to our wild and tender nature. Together we traverse the depths and build bridges between the fragmented parts of ourselves, between the world of me and the world of you we meet in sacred circle, within the feminine and masculine worlds, within our inner and outer worlds, physical and spiritual worlds, between our personal and professional worlds, within the landscapes of vulnerability and courage we weave the web of connection within our multiple roles as mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, lovers and colleagues.


These circles are not conventional therapy or support groups, although they are deeply supportive and therapeutic.


We focus on spiritual development from a shamanic perspective and discover creative ways to explore our relationship with the wild feminine. We search for the meaning and tools for reclaiming our feminine power, wisdom and sovereignty. We are seeking for the spark of the divine that lies within us. Our intention is to reclaim our authority for our own lives, determining in the process what is moral, sacred and meaningful for us. Empowerment within is our final goal.


We support and celebrate the movement of sisterhood and welcome a deeper connection with other women, whilst co-creating a safe and sacred space where we can call ourselves and one another home.


We seek inspiration and encouragement to pursue our dreams in this precious life, we ask to be seen, heard and held by a committed group of sisters, drawn to a sense of compassion and collaboration.  




Ongoing Journey 

For the first few months, we will keep the space open for all women who would like to dive into a deep journey within themselves, exploring our wild and tender feminine natures, alongside the meaning of sisterhood. As soon as the group of committed women is set, we will close new entries and continue the journey in established circle, strengthening the container, our trust and field of safety, so we can touch the depths of our beings.

Friday evenings at 18.30-21.30, close to the New Moon.

Within the structure of these circles, we will gather monthly synchronizing and with the energy of New Moon, time of reflection, introspection, dreaming and planting seeds.

It is important for the participant and the whole group, that you participate in all sessions regularly if possible and arrive on time.

We meet in a very cosy village hall warmed by the fire. Weather dependent, we can also sat outdoors and being witnessed by stars and Moon.

All women will be encouraged to join our What’s App group, where we can stay in connection between the sessions, sharing inspirational thoughts, music, articles, poems and so on.



We will explore various feminine themes, bring them to our awareness and reflect upon them, our feelings, experiences and their impact on our lives in the present moment. Together we will unpack the life stories that have created our wounds, through sharing and embodied listening. We will speak from the hearts of our wombs, where beneath the surface of learned and lived stories lies the treasure of our wisdom, truth, intuition, dreams and creativity.

We will leave behind the stories , which do not support us any more and we will plant seeds of new possibilities.

We will drop into an embodied presence and the practice of breath, meditation and sound expression.  This practice will open pathways to journey deep into the landscapes of the body and our wombs, that will reconnect us to the wisdom of living from the heart and facilitate self-expression more openly and truthfully. 

After the part of sharing and listening, we will celebrate our togetherness by singing sacred song, drumming and dreaming. No experience needed!

Those gatherings will be ritualized in a relaxed and nourishing way.

The intention of these circles is to be continued within the formed group.

What to bring?

  * a pen and notebook, where you can write down your insights, as well as new songs that we will learn on the gatherings.

*an instrument if you have one, a drum, rattle, guitar, flute etc. ; do not worry if do not have any

*clothes in which you feel comfortable and ideally which express your feminine essence - just invitation not obligation

*waterproof covers, blanket or something warm and cosy for when we meet outdoor

*water bottle, any power objects, food /drink to share, flowers, candles to decorate a space ..all welcome

*open hearts and minds 

Investment & Booking



If it is your first time, please contact Aluna on : / 07383514985

to introduce yourself and get some more information

We try to keep the price affordable for all women. However if you feel like this monthly investment is too much that you can afford and you really feel the call to be part of this movement, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss a concession. 

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